Regaining Power

Claire Christensen is like many young professional women today. She has a degree, a home, a job, and a husband. She finds solace in physical darkness that is a metaphor of her last three years of surviving abuse. She wonders how long the darkness will continue. (Half of Author Profits will go towards The National Domestic Violence Hotline.) This story contains graphic language and content.

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Mane of Redemption

After his Good Samaritan personality lands him in the hospital, Jude Crenshaw is given a divine gift. He roams the streets of New York, using his ability to grant redemption to those worthy. With the dark forces of Hell planning an attack, Jude must prepare himself for the task he was chosen. Will he succeed in his battle against the elements of our deepest nightmares? Available for free on Kindle Unlimited.($1.00 of every copy sold will be donated to

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The Narrative of Benjamin White

Legends are born with every war. The name Benjamin White was no exception to this fact. After the battle of Tel El Kebir in 1882, White went missing. The last evidence of him, were footprints leading away from a body in the desert.
Twenty years later, a soldier returns to find answers. Rumors lead him to an oasis, and to a man who may hold the answers to the ever growing mystery that is Benjamin White. Available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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Second Chances

Chaun Hutchins was like any normal 32-year-old. He had a wife, a degree, a full-time job, a comfortable home, and a baby on the way. An accident turned his world upside down, but not before he uttered words for which he can never make amends. Haunted by his past, and events that neither he nor his family can explain, Chaun must find answers to his dark troubles, before his past destroys his future.


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Indie Author Aaron D. Brinker

I'm an Author who loves multiple genres. Growing up in a military home I learned to love different cultures and climates.

I am 35 and married to a beautiful and wonderful wife. We make our home in the Ozarks of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

My love of multiple genres is present in my stories. I love to write Fiction. I write Horror, Fantasy, Christian Fiction, and Thriller genres.


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Not only am I a writer, but my love of literature bleeds into my love of reading. Follow my blog and learn more about what I'm currently reading when I'm not working on my next short story or novel.