Aaron D. Brinker

I'm an Author who loves multiple genres. Growing up in a military home I learned to love different cultures and climates.

I am 36 and married to a beautiful and wonderful wife. We make our home in the Ozarks of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

My love of multiple genres is present in my stories. I love to write Fiction. I write Horror, Fantasy, Christian Fiction, and Thriller genres.

My Day Job

I work part time at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. I drive the tour bus 2 days during the week and also help with miscellaneous office duties including gathering video content.

We work to educate the public against owning exotic animals as pets. If you are interested in educating yourself on why it is a bad idea you can check out TCWR's page on HR1818, also known as The Big Cat Public Safety Act, that we are trying to get passed.

As a no contact facility we do not believe in having physical contact with dangerous exotic animals. Do your research before visiting any rescue! If it is a reputable facility they will not breed or allow public interaction with the animals.


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Not only am I an author but I also spend some time blogging about recent books I've read (Over 150 books on my To Be Read List).