Daisy, Bold & Beautiful by Ellie Collins

Adolescence and anxiety

Daisy, Bold & Beautiful written by Ellie Collins, is an adorable debut story, about a young girl struggling with the anxieties of adjusting to life in a new school and making new friends. She finds a little unexpected help and support along the way.


The characters were well written. Each one had their own quirks that made them unique from the others. Daisy’s dad had the typical fatherly nuances that gave the character that typical embarrassing, yet supportive, Father projection. Each of Daisy’s friends had their own little personality mannerisms that set them apart from each other. One could seem over-bearing while another could seem like a chipmunk that had just ate coffee grounds. Ellie also portrayed the usual type of character that is mislabeled by their “peers” that is rumored to be dreadful and mean.


The plot was well structured with a few surprises thrown in along the way. It was great to see how the plot progressed and D.J. (Daisy) learned and grew through it. The author set up multiple struggles for the protagonist throughout the story that created more depth to Daisy’s fears and anxiety. Ellie not only created the stressors of fitting in, but also of dances, relationships, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.


The author portrayed a good amount of knowledge on Greek Mythology. The story accurately described some of the anxieties experienced by kids changing schools, or meeting new people. It also describes how difficult it can be for adolescents to overcome their fears while growing. This is a story I think, adults and kids alike, should read. It gives awesome lessons for anyone who struggles with anxiety that could correlate to overcoming most fears. I highly recommend this wonderful read from an author with a ton of potential!

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