Basic Grammar

Basic Grammar Editing - starting at $2 Per Page


Basic Copyediting - starting at $3 Per Page

Mid-Level Copyediting - starting at $4 Per Page

Advanced Copyediting - starting at $5 Per Page

Content Editing

Content Editing - starting at $7 Per Page

The First four pages edited for free.


Basic Grammar Editing

Editing for basic punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

Basic Copyediting

Includes Basic Grammar as well as checking consistency, word use, and check phrases.


Mid-Level Copyediting

Basic Grammar, Basic Copyediting, checking for word variety, structural integrity of story, areas where more/less detail can be added, and possible word/phrase changes.

Advanced Copyediting

Basic Grammar, Basic Copyediting, Mid-Level Copyediting, rewriting of sentences, sentence structure fixes, and story line editing.


Content Editing

Basic Grammar, All Copyediting, and checking that there are no consistency errors in the story, character development checks and suggestions, story line flow, fact checking, and re-writing of complete paragraphs if needed.

Copyediting Work Formatting Requirements

  • Font MUST be set to Courier New
  • Font MUST be set at 12 points
  • Spacing MUST be set to double spaced
  • Layout MUST be set to 8.5" x 11"
  • Margins MUST be set to 1" x 1"

All quotes are based on the above listed requirements. Please change your settings to the above listed then check Page Count. Quotes are estimated at a page rating. If you do not follow the above formatting requirements your quote may not be accurate.

  • Editing takes time (days, weeks, or months). Depending on the level of editing requested and how many works are already on the schedule, it might takes weeks or months for delivery. Rush delivery may be available at certain times but an extra fee will apply.
  • Typical Payment Requested is 50% paid up front and the remaining 50% will be paid upon completion before delivery. Other payment time lines can be requested but might not be approved.
  • If customers are not satisfied with delivered edits they may request a second edit at the same level of original editing at no additional cost. 

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Yes font set at 12 pointYes work double spacedYes font set to Courier NewYes pages are set to 8.5"x11"Yes margins are set to 1"x1"

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