Hounded written by Ellie Douglas

Can man survive Man’s Best Friend turned Man’s Worst Enemy?


Hounded, written by Ellie Douglas, is the story of how the world was thrown into chaos due to a virus that has rendered the human populace in a coma, fresh meat for Man’s Best Friend, or fighting to stay alive. The majority of survivors are left wondering over or searching for loved ones. Many stay by the sides of comatose relatives in hopes they will awake. Will Humanity survive?


At it’s base, I believe Hounded is a great story with a huge amount of potential. The characters were believable and the reader does find themselves pulling for them throughout the story. For anyone that loves a lot of gore, this is definitely a story for you. Some of the descriptions of deaths in the book are graphic and horrific.

The parts of the story I had issues with came down to more the telling of the story rather than the story itself. There were some instances where the Author over used similes. Sometimes, three times in the span of two paragraphs. There were also instances where the wrong words were used as descriptives within the story.


This book is the first published work by Douglas. Being an Author, I know that a debut published work is always a jumping off/learning point for every Author. I have personally spoken with the Author and she informed me the Editor was taking another look at the story. At this point, knowing the Editor has looked over it again,  I believe the overuse of simile and wrong words should have been picked up and addressed by the Editor.

This book has won/been nominated for awards. With all the grammatical issues aside, I did love the story at it’s core. I am anxious to read more of Douglas’s work in the future and experience how her work grows in the coming years.

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