Independence Day 2018

It’s July 4th once again!

Happy July 4th (Independence day)

Hello, Everyone! I know this isn’t like most of my normal posts, but I figured I would write a special one for today. A lot of Americans today will be focused on Barbecues and Fireworks. Unfortunately, I have to work, but will still be remembering the holiday. Along with the festivities today, be sure to keep in mind why the Declaration was penned and the cost of maintaining that Freedom for 242 years.

The Cost

Many lives have been sacrificed since the beginning of the Colonies fighting for Independence from England. Along the course of History you have names and groups that stand out as influential fighters that kept us Free throughout the centuries: Francis Marion, The 54th Massachusetts Infantry, Audie Murphy, The Tuskegee Airmen, and Airborne.

For some the cost is too real. For those that have had loved ones become ill or lost a love one in the fight for freedom, the reminder is ever present. Holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day weigh even more heavily on our hearts.

My Father served in the Gulf War and is now 100% disabled due to Nerve Agent Exposure. He has been sick and disabled since 2002.

My Father, Brothers, and I at my wedding in 2006.

My wife and I took over his care after my parents divorced in 2008. We cared for him for six years. He is still living and will be 61 next month. I have a tattoo on my left arm of his Chevrons, years of service, name, rank, birth date, and a quote that reads “Freedom has a price”.

In Reflection

Enjoy today, but also remember what was paid to keep not just America, but Freedom, going. A lot of people have been griping for years at soldiers for fighting. Our soldiers are only following orders. If a person has an issue with our service members fighting in a war, then that needs to be addressed to the Congressmen and President that are calling the shots.

America’s core values are still present and we need to hold firmly to those values. I’m not talking about all the banter and back and forth political views, but just the simplicity of being kind to and looking out for one another. We need to get back to the morals of respect and appreciation for our fellow man. I bid you all blessing today and hope you all celebrate safely.

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