Review: Orchid Beach written by Stuart Woods

Can Holly Barker solve the murders in Orchid Beach?


Orchid Beach written by Stuart Woods is about Major Holly Barker and her acceptance of a job at the Orchid Beach Police Department. She is hoping for a steady transition, but events happen to throw her into the thick of an ongoing investigation. Having an unknown, internal leak/suspect at the department, Holly must solve the case while determining who she can and can not trust.


This book was a good read that I highly recommend. The reader is carried along a thrill ride of twists and turns along with Holly as she attempts to solve the crimes and bring the guilty parties to justice. The writing has an even steady flow that is easy to read and keeps the reader’s attention. Woods also throws in a little romance into the story as well. Woods added a great blend of mystery, thriller, suspense, romance within one story. A few moments within the books he added a little comedy into the mix. There were many times when he left the reader anxious for more and made it hard to put down. With each introduced character, he added more layers of mystery to the plot that kept the reader guessing until the end.

There were a few points where it seemed more description could have been used to give a better idea of a character’s surroundings or feelings, but in a way that complimented the speed of reading of the story.


This is the first book by Woods that I have read. I read another work by Woods entitled, D. C. Dead that will be featured in next week’s blog review. I am anxious to read more of his work in the future and highly recommend it. Orchid Beach is book 1 of Woods’ Holly Barker Series.

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