The Sanctuary written by Ted Dekker

All is never as it seems.

Ted Dekker‘s The Sanctuary is the sequel to The Priest’s GraveyardPersonally, I loved the sequel better than the original.


The readers are given a more in depth look at the two main characters from The Priest’s Graveyard, Danny and Renee. There are definitely more side characters within this book that the reader grows to love and hate. As always, Dekker keeps his readers guessing as to which characters are involved and to what extent.


The plot was very well structured with one of Dekker’s more shocking twists towards the end. The reader is found on the edge of their seat waiting to see what the Author would throw their way next. The depth of how the characters were connected within this work shows a lot of genius in it’s development. The way the characters and actions are linked is so in depth and wrapped up in the plot that it can’t be conceived until it is revealed.



I absolutely loved this book. It is the type of writing from Dekker that made him one of my absolute favorite Authors. His knack for “edge of your seat” thrillers is amazing. If you are looking for an entertaining read, Dekker is an author that would be a great choice. He has just released his latest work, The 49th Mystic, and I’m biting at the bit to pick up a copy.

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